Most easiest way to get first 1,000 users for your project, try airdrop your own token/NFT

Why airdrop tokens/NFTs?

I used to launch tons of web services (almost of all projests are small), but always had difficulties to get first 100 or 1,000 users. Because there are no expenses for advertisement for new projects.

But Web3, blockchain and token-economy changed financial problems for advertiseing costs of new projects at all. Service providers can distribute (airdrop) their original tokens and NFTs to users that registered on their initial stage. These users, which received the tokens/NFTs, will choose hold “HODL”, sale or stake them.

To implement this, there is a requirement that websites needs to have “Web3 Login” with crypto wallet to your web service. We first release wordpress plugin called “Web3 Login”. For dApps developers of course, but we would like to provide for all developers of small (but cool) projects that is not blockchain project. Now, web3 is for everyone!!

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Successful people do what unsuccessful people are simply unwilling to do.

– Jesse Doe

Web3 Login

Users of your service need to login. Social login with google, facebook or twitter was the most popular way to login web servides before web3.

Now, web3 login with metamask and walletconnect are popular for dApps projects but not popular for beginners.

Our project, “Web3 Login” provide Google, Facebook and Twitter (and more) login with web3 using Torus wallet. Try demo page.

Web3 Login demo

For small projects

Usually small projects has no expenses to have advertisement. Blockchain projects called dApps (decentrised apps) have choices of advertising to distribute (airdrop) their tokens/NFTs. We’d like to provide & expand these choises for all projects (not only blockchain/dApps).

Airdrop supports

(currently underconstruction / developing) We will support to create your own tokens / NFTs with few clicks

Whitelist supports

(currently underconstruction / developing) You might want to distribute (airdrop) your own tokens or NFTs only for users that follow / retweet on twitter, join on discord or follow on coinmarketcap. We’ll provide to make whitelists automatically using API of twitter, discord or coinmarketcap with your API key.

Have any suggestions, requests or new ideas about Web3?